How I Got Delivered From My Addiction -Randal Coats

Here is my story, I have told it to only a few people
and have kept it a secret for 3 yrs now. Even my
pastor has kept it on the back burner, if this will help
me reach out to others then here it goes. Let it bring
glory to Jesus. Since I was 7 yrs old I was in
bondage to pornography I’m 40 yrs old and was delivered from
that bondage when I was 37. Since that time God
has taken completely away any urges to masturbate
or view pornography, God has allowed me to fall in
love with my wife of 15 yrs for the “right” reasons all
over again and our lovemaking is more exciting now than when I was in bondage. HE has restored our
finances and blessed our home, HE has given me a
reason for living again and I know that HE has great
things planned for me. I was first exposed to pornography when I would go
into my dad’s little workshop that he had made out
of one the utility closets in our apartment. On his
wall he had nude pictures of women and I would
secretly go in there and stare at them, I didnt
understand what I was looking at but it awoke something inside of me and I also started
masturbating at that time also, there are other things
I was exposed to but those memories are too painful
to go back to and it would dishonor my dad and I
dont hold any blame towards him at all because he
doesnt know what he did would affect me he was only doing what his fathers did before him and I
have forgiven him and still love him even though at
age 75 he stills watches scrambled porn on cable.
By the way that curse has been broken and it will no
longer be passed down to my 2 sons! I had a typical
up bringing and went to church and did the status quo but secretly every chance I got I
would seek out the usual mags and videos when I
could. Just going into a convience store I would look
at the covers of the magazines to get my fix when I
was under 18 it was all that i needed at that time. I
never hardly had any girlfriends because I didnt
have any healthy role models, playboy and
penthouse was where I got my learning from and the women in those magazines became my girlfriends.
When I became 18 and got a job I had the money to
be more daring in feeding my addiction especially
working nights as I did for alot of years but I always
kept on the fringe while going to church at the same
time, I was smart enought not to get myself into a situation that would expose me. As time passed I
met my wife and thought that my
bondage would end but I married her for all the
wrong reasons… I married her because of the sex I
would get and had repressed for so many years it
was like an alcoholic working in a brewery. But it didnt satisfy me and I got more bolder viewing
pornography since I worked nights and my wife
worked during the day, now I hated going into adult
book stores and spending our hard earned money if
it was only a few dollars at a time. I can still smell
the odor from inside those places. I had gotten away from church also and God and we
were always living from paycheck to paycheck it
was putting my marriage on the rocks, we never
seemed to have enough at the end of the week or
month so when I didnt have any extra money to
waste just simply going into and looking at the adult movies covers in the local movie rental store would
satisfy my craving then I would bring it into our
bedroom. The Lord had been working on me during
this time
and His Holy Spirit kept talking to me and I knew I
had a problem and wanted out. I tried different things to be free but I did it in secret and would
never completely surrender, I always held back 2
percent and Now I know God wants 100 percent
from us. This kept on for a number of years and
there were
so many times where I almost got caught in the act but managed to escape without incident. Then one
day while my wife was at work and my
little boy was sleeping in his room I watched 2 hours
of the playboy channel and found myself never
being fulfilled I had had enough and comtemplated
suicide, I was tired, hurt,and felt that my family would be better off without me. I couldnt live this
double life any longer or else they would put me in a
mental hospital, so as I was preparing dinner after
finally turning off the cable t.v. as I was cutting
onions I put the blade to my wrist , I was so scared
I didnt want to die but I couldnt go on any longer, I had prayed so many times to be free… then that is
when the Lord spoke to me as I put the blade to my
LIKE A REAL MAN!” I went into that room and did what I was told crying
for a solid hour asking for repentence and
deliverence, I was totally broken and had no where
to go. A few weeks passed after that and I noticed
that my
urges had left me. I confided to a very dear christian elder who was vendor at where I worked, I asked
him to pray for me if he would and he said no
problem and then he left to take care of his
products. One week later this elder came to me on
his day off
to my job and asked if he could speak to me privately it was urgent that he speak to me. He told
me that one night he was praying for me and
as he was praying he saw me in a cloud and
wrapped around me were very thick heavy ropes
and I couldnt move at all then he said he heard
God’s voice in the background saying” I HAVE HEARD RANDAL’S PLEA FOR DELIVERENCE
told me during this time the heay thick ropes that held me in bondage started falling off one
by one and I was free. At that moment my friend put
his hand on my shoulder crying and told me “God
loves you Randal, be patient he has great plans for
you”. Then he gave me a hug and walked away
praising God. That was 3 yrs ago and I must admit I was very
skeptical when he spoke to me but I cannot deny
what has happened to me and there are so many
times when I think the ride is going to end and Im
going to fall off but everytime Christ tells me that He
wont let me fall off because His Love for me has me strapped in for eternity. There is so much more to
this story, if this will help
anyone then let it be done and let glory be given to




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Beautiful smiles. Sweet songs. Awesome laughters. Dancing nature. Bright future. Memorable pictures.

Life indeed is a beautiful thing, and we want to live it to the fullest. Vacations. Bentleys. Dollars. We want the best things of life.

So we dream and achieve, but never get satisfied. After a mountain of meal, we seek for more. Always climbing, even at the top. We really never get there.

Years passes by. Wonderful investments. Lovely spouse. Sweet kids. Things we desired at our feet. It’s a wonderful life.

Then after, we breathe our last. It is finished! Then we discover, only one thing is needful!

The only needful thing is a life in Christ Jesus. We may dream, we may achieve, we may be the best. In all of these things, the only needful thing in life is a holy life in Christ Jesus.

Just like Mary, you need to choose this good part. Heaven remains the ultimate goal for me. What about you?



Today, on my way home from the explosive RCF retreat, my brain took me passed the King’s Square, Benin City, popularly called Ring Road. I wonder if rings are given out there for free.

As I struggled through the crowd, I could not help but notice with my very tired eyes people walking so fast as if the trumpet was about to sound. Those that were running with loads on their heads, and those that pushed whatever and whoever was pushable just to keep moving at a very fast pace.

There was rush everywhere. There was this hurry. It seems it was an Olympic race. Majority of persons were practically moving so faster than usual. There was no World War Three going on. If there was, I would have turned into a bird and flew away. Nothing was pursuing anybody. Yet, everyone was so in a hurry.

Funny enough, I enlisted in the race. With my bag across my bony shoulders, I also joined the crowd of rushing witnesses moving in a hurry for a reason unfathomable. At a point, I took a pause right at the middle of the walkway, and asked myself why I was in a hurry. I found no reason.

It was as if we were all being controlled by some kind of a remote control or something. Resuming from the pause, I took my calm, and walked majestically like a king that I am to the bus stop.

In life, everyone tend to be in a hurry. We always want to finish it first; to do it first. We believe there is only one life to live, and there is no time to waste. So we burn ourselves out trying to outdo others; trying to be the first.

Life is not about being the first, it is about being the best. There is absolutely no reason to be in a hurry in life. Where are we in a hurry to? The final destination of our bodies is the grave. It’s wiser to take our time to get there, than rush there untimely.

Take life by stages. This today, and that tomorrow. Enjoy life, and patiently fulfill purpose. Calmly wait for the right time for every right thing. We have no reason to be in a hurry.

The world will wait for a man who knows where he is going.
God bless you!



Blessed is the woman that keeps herself till the glorious night of the day she says “I do” to the special man that makes her heart tick.

Blessed is that woman whose nakedness is not a movie in the heads of the guys in her community, or the ravening wolves on campus.

Blessed is the woman whose hymen is not yet broken by the demands of lust but kept precious for the sweet touch of love.

Blessed is that woman who have not sold her body to countless people for the sake of vain things.

Blessed is her that is yet undefiled!

The world may mock you, and see you as obsolete. But deep down within them, they wish they were you. Stay pure, and don’t be lured.

If I can treasure you, then God does more.



Darling Jesus brought us the sweet heaven.

A beautiful kingdom where we can live happily ever after. A place we can live in joy and peace after our struggle on earth.

Angels rejoicing; melodic voices ringing out songs everywhere.

Streets paved with gold, and mansions made of precious stones.

Living with Jesus, talking with the Father. Embracing the One we sought after on earth.

Heaven is a beautiful place my words cannot describe. Heaven is a place not to miss; a place to spend eternity.

So we give up all pleasures here on earth; striving in the holy path, all for the glorious crown that awaits us.

Undisturbed by our state in this world, for we know of the awesome life that awaits us in the indescribable heaven.

Heaven remains the sweeter than the sweetest home. Make plans to be there.

Glory to God!


If you end up misconstruing this, you are on your own o. Just want to be real!

It was in junior secondary school -that’s several years back. We hardly had any conversation for the almost three years we spent in the classroom. Always staring at each other, but it just ended there.

We couldn’t become friends because I didn’t want to. Heard a lot of stories about her, and believed them, but with great reservations.

And for the next four years after we parted ways, she completely left my thoughts, but she was deep within the soul.

And after Mark Zuckerberg brought us Facebook, we became the friends we couldn’t be in school. Talked almost about everything. Calls, text messages. That was all!

And for the next two years, met only once briefly on a busy street. Just exchanged pleasantries. That was all!

And meeting her in person again for the very second time in good seven years, it was as though we were best of friends.

The connection cannot be defined. We knew each other so well, there were no questions to ask or answer.

Everything they said about her was rubbish, so is everything they will ever say!

There is nothing more that I can say to this than the very truth that this is PURE LOVE between friends whose friendship will last forever.

Time, distance and communication will not decide this PURE LOVE.

ASIDE: I know they will misunderstand this. OYO!



I needn’t put my tiny fingers through the rigorous process of typing what pornography is because I am well sure(just as I am sure of my name) that we all know what pornography is.

Not less than eight out of every ten persons that read this post have viewed pornography at one time or the other, and so enjoyed it. We must be real, and stop putting on white garments when our underwear is stained with thick blood.

A year or two ago, I posted in my blog shocking pornography statistics, and you need to see it. Just take a walk to and search for it.

I make bold to say that pornography is sinful, unhealthy and deadly. Don’t ask me if I am writing from experience. I know that you know what pornography has done to your life.

It may have started with just a sex scene on TV. Then, you started visiting those kind of websites Angel Micheal will dare not visit, and spent your time downloading to your phone photos of girls and boys that have sold their souls to the devil.

You well enjoyed the porn pleasure, and you still do. Common, stop pretending. If I attach a porn picture to this article now, you will still stare at it. You know I am talking to you. Just YOU!

You started stealing your mother’s money from her little kiosk to buy pornographic movies they sell in the busy street corner. You usually hid it under your shirt till you got home. It went straight to the bottom of your Ghana-must-go bag where you kept your clothes.

Now, you are wondering how I found out. Common, I nor b small pikin o. I have seen four presidential elections.

At a convenient time, when nobody is around, you slot in the disc and you bath in the pleasure of demonic humans having illicit sex. You particularly enjoyed, and maybe still enjoys, the same-sex sex scene. But you open your mouth in broad day light and insult lesbians and gays. 

Meanwhile, you are their fan in the secret. God has been watching you from Heaven, and He still does.

When you finally got your BlackBerry phone, and HP laptop, pornography became your food.

I have a Jet Li movie to watch now, I will continue this later.


Cultism is evil, and we all know – even cultists. Yet, why they are in the pool, they cannot tell.

They ran away from home after the battle began. They came back three weeks later. In few minutes, hot bullets were rammed into their heads – three of them, of the same parents.

We all know that he who kills with the sword dies by it still. Whatever we sow, we reap.

The dead cultists have no more gang to rep. They have no clique to hang out with any longer. They have no cult creed to uphold in the grave.

The dead cultists caused their parents nothing but grief, pain and heartache. Purpose terminated!

The dead cultists are nothing but dead men.

Shun cultism!
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Cultism is evil, and we all know – even cultists. Yet, why they are in the pool, they cannot tell.

They ran away from home after the battle began. They came back three weeks later. In few minutes, hot bullets were rammed into their heads – three of them, of the same parents.

We all know that he who kills with the sword dies by it still. Whatever we sow, we reap.

The dead cultists have no more gang to rep. They have no clique to hang out with any longer. They have no cult creed to uphold in the grave.

The dead cultists caused their parents nothing but grief, pain and heartache. Purpose terminated!

The dead cultists are nothing but dead men.

Shun cultism!
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The Idiot Beyoncé

Okay, let’s begin! This is going to turn out to be the most popular post of the century, and I, the infallible corrosive Sunday Erhun will become as popular as that Muslim cleric that eats toad for supper. Does any Muslim cleric do that? Google it! Don’t worry, Google is so dull it will give you nothing.

And if my English sucks, please do not slaughter me because I was born a very poor boy into a very rich home in the poorest area of the rich Nigeria. Not the Nigeria you know. Not the Nigeria Wikipedia gives you. I am talking( or writing) about the Nigeria that died the year 1914 when some British were busy wearing oversized trousers meddling in affairs of people that never concerned them. I didn’t say anything o. If I receive the white paper from ICC, I would be glad because I’d finally get a chance to be on CNN. What’s the full meaning of CNN?

We are here today in this arbitrary place called the Internet to talk about the biggest idiot on earth, and that idiot is nobody but Beyoncé. And if you never knew Beyoncé was an idiot, then you are a bigger idiot. I could be very insolent sometimes, but I am not a bad boy. Did I just refer to myself as a boy? That can be. I am a man. At least, the idiot Beyoncé attested to that sometime ago.

I met with Beyoncé before she met the big-headed ghost you guys and girls call her hubby. We met at the smallest hotel in Paris before Paris Hilton became popular. She was a tiny little girl then. She had dreams of visiting the Sun, but I well knew she would burn like the papers used in electing the Catholic Pope. Do they even elect their Pope? If they do, then they must be very funny like Mr Bean. If it’s truly a church, then God should choose. Did I say anything?

Looking at pretty Beyoncé then, I never thought she would become an idiot later in the future. But now that she is, I can’t help but write this post to mourn her. Fine! She is definitely richer than I am, and that’s just because I choose to live a life that please God than sell my soul to the dirty stinky devil all for the sake of some dollar notes that will definitely perish like Osama Bin Laden. Talking about that man, he is definitely less idiotic than Beyoncé.

The night we first met, I bought her a watery plate of meal with crabs dangling on it just like my fingers dangle on my mobile phone that I love with my pouch. She was so hungry, and I could see her ribs ripping out. She was so decent then, that my tons of love and care couldn’t part her legs. Jesus was the only one that mattered to her. We spent some time together, and she was very beautiful. I thought she would turn out to be the most successful woman on earth just like Hilary Clinton.

Several years later, she is the greatest failure the world has ever recorded. She thinks she is on top of the world, but she is sinking deep down to hell at the speed of light, or even at the speed more than that of light. All because she is an idiot!

She abandoned Jesus. She abandoned the good life. She abandoned the life that pleases God all for the pleasure of the world. She is a very big idiot. I hope she gets to read this post so she could cry to death.

This Idiot Beyoncé is a character I intend to use in the novel I intend to write in Heaven.

And if you ever at a time thought I was writing about the popular American singer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, then you must be very funny.



Now, we really have to be honest to ourselves. We only have this life to address some critical issues. We can’t do it on Judgement Day.

What do you think: is masturbation really a sin? Let’s just forget what others will say, and just express ourselves. 

Let’s go all out and express what we really believe. Forgive me if the question sounds stupid or blasphemous, for this is for a purpose.

Is masturbation a sin?