Letter To My Boss, Jesus


Dear Boss,

Tomorrow marks Two Thousand, Fourteen years you came to this earth, and as your humble boy, I thought I should write you this letter.

I know you are incredibly fine. I know heaven is okay. I know. You are seated at the right hand of God. You deserve it, because you made the greatest sacrifice of all. You left your glorious kingdom for this sinful world, just because of me. You endured so much pain, so I could gain life eternal.

I didn’t give a damn about you, but still you cared a lot for me. I am least deserving of your love, but you’ve showered the most on me. I have been a bad boy, but you’ve never stopped being a good friend. Many times I wandered away like a lost sheep, but your loving hands found me.

Jesus!! I can’t help but scream your name. You are just too good. You gave your life for me, what can I give to you? You became a criminal on the cross for me, what can I become for you? Your love for me is unspeakable, can I ever love you that much?

My bestest Paddy, you too gbaski. Indescribable. Unbeatable. Indefatigable. Impeccable. Awesome. Amazing. Breathtaking. Startling. Magnificient. Awe-inspiring. Lovely. Mighty. Excellent. Wonderful. Wise. You just too good!

My One and Only, I ask that you enable me to become crazy for you. I cannot do without you. So I give myself away to you. Use me, Boss. I am yours, forever.

With your help, I will keep your word that I get to meet you in Heaven someday. I can’t wait for that hug, Best Friend!

I am for you: you are for me.

Your Boy,
Sunday Erhunmwunse


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