Author Interview With Paul Bushman

OUR BLOG: Welcome to our blog. Can we
get to know you?

PAUL: I am Paul Olufemi Ogunwuyi (pen name: Paul Bushman). I am a student of psychology in the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. Besides being a student, I am a writer.

OUR BLOG: When did you discover you are
a writer, and how has it been?

PAUL: I came to discover that I am a writer in 2012. I was alone in a room one day when suddenly, I felt a strong whim that drove me to pick up my pen and write something. My first write up was a poem. I started building myself up in poetry, story writing, quote writing, article writing and so on. I can say that right now, I keep loving to write and funnily enough, it does not get boring doing so.

OUR BLOG: Tell us about your works so
far, most especially your recent

PAUL: I have only one book published by Fountain publishers, ‘The Serpentine Route To Valentine’. The poetry anthology contains love poems that describe the rigorous road to getting true love. Before this release, I have been a member of writing boards on campus, I have submitted articles to my local church which has always been included in the church magazine and so on.

OUR BLOG: What influences your style of

PAUL: What influences my style of writing is the drive to be understood by all people; both young and old. That makes me use the simplest diction possible, the melody of rhymes and the application of the theraupetic effect of humour.

OUR BLOG: What trait do you think makes
you a unique writer.11108_613645698739235_4495386489116000827_n

PAUL: I think it is the ability for me to convey my thoughts and feelings about a subject in a very clear manner which creates imagery in their minds and hence transfers the same empathic feeling to my readers.

OUR BLOG: What kind of books do you
hope to spend the rest of your
life writing?

PAUL: The kind of books I would like to write for eternity are poetry books, comic fiction, novels and novellas and motivational write-ups.

OUR BLOG: Any word for would-be

PAUL: My word for would-be authors is make the writing muses your friend. Write everyday. Read books written by good authors. And publish your works. Expect criticisms and learn from them. That’s all you need to become an excellent writer.
Thanks for having me today on your blog, I look forward to be here any time I am needed again. Once again, I say thank you.

Below is the link to Paul’s wonderful book on Amazon Kindle Store

Do well to have a copy. Your comments are highly welcomed.


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