Author Interview With Emmanuel Egharevba Jnr

We are privileged to have on our blog today another amazing author.

OUR BLOG: Welcome to our blog. Can we
get to know you?

EMMANUEL: Yes. I am Emmanuel Egharevba Jnr. A student, and an author.

OUR BLOG: When did you discover you are
a writer, and how has it been?

EMMANUEL: I discovered my writing skills when I was 16. Of course it has been great and interesting all the way

OUR BLOG: Tell us about your works so
far, most especially your recent

EMMANUEL: My recent book just got published some weeks ago. The tittle of the book is #WRITTEN IN THE STARS. It is a compilation of man’s own prerogative according to the will of God concerning his PURPOSE,FUTURE AND DESTINY

OUR BLOG: What influences your style of

EMMANUEL: My style of writing is mostly influenced by my mood.This is the sole reason I can actually fit into any genre.

OUR BLOG: What trait do you think makes
you a unique writer.

EMMANUEL: Everyone has his/her own style. But I would put mine on FACTS. I say facts when it is necessary

OUR BLOG: What kind of books do you
hope to spend the rest of your
life writing?

EMMANUEL: All I do is write inspirational books. Fiction and inspirational books all the way.

OUR BLOG: Any word for would-be

EMMANUEL: Upcoming authors should take a step, turn that step to a walk and transform these walks to a journey and your works are going to be great and live out there.

Here is the link to Emmanuel’s awesome book on smashwords.
Grab one!


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