Author Interview With Dominic Awoleye

Today, we are privileged to have on our blog an amazing author of great repute with two amazing works to his credit. Join us welcome the prolific Dominic Awoleye as have a chat with him.

Welcome to our blog. Can we get to know you?

My name is Ayokunle Dominic Awoleye, I am from Ekiti state of Nigeria, I am married with Kids

When did you discover you are a writer, and how has it been?

In my JSS1 after I read some books like The adventures of Souza, The Gods are not to blame, Passport of Malamilia, Oliver Twist, Gulliver’s travels and other small stories and Drama, I somehow felt I could tell stories because the way those stories were written seemed simple to me. So I wrote my first unpublished book ‘The adventures of Bob Loco” which was like my auto biography.

Tell us about your works so far, most especially your recent book.

I have written several Poems still unpublished. I have two Dramas and a Prose yet to be published. I also have four manuscripts of books I am still writing. My recent work “Another wedding” is a sequel to “Just wedded” published on epub. I actually decided to bring out some salient issues in marriages and relationships at large so as to disabuse some mind sets with regards to how marriages should be. Marriages can never be all rosy, it is not an institution of ego brawls but that of sacrifice and understanding.

What influences your style of writing?

My environment, my social up bringing are the major factors that influence my writing

What trait do you think makes you a unique writer.

I can bring out tears from your eyes and I can make you skip meals if you read my work. I can make you laugh out loud and I can make you remorse if you read my book. I write fiction as if it is real.

What kind of books do you hope to spend the rest of your life writing?

Prose, Drama and poems. Basically literary fiction about life experiences. My book must have a lesson to teach.

Any word for would-be authors?
A would be Author should be an avid reader of other Peoples work. It helps develop one’s creativity.

Thank you so much for your time.

Below are links to Dominic’s books. Do well to have one.

1) Just Wedded
2) Another Wedding

Both books are also available on, using the okadabooks app.

Comments are highly appreciated.

Dominic Awoleye

Dominic Awoleye



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