An Interview With James Adigun, an author


James Adigun is a prolific Nigerian writer that has written about seven books and has three published already.

Here is a wonderful interview of him with Fountain Publishers Nigeria.

• How would you describe yourself as a writer?

James Adigun: The skill of writing had being in me from
childhood, that the wives
in my family nicknamed me ‘Akowe’, that is, the scribe.
It was not until the year 1993 that the skill got manifested by the Holy Spirit that I received that year. Since then I always have my jotter and biro with me
anywhere I may be, to write as the inspiration comes.
This way I have being able to write seven manuscripts, of which three are now published.

• What/who is your inspiration?

James Adigun: The Holy Spirit is the one that inspired me to
write. He teaches me what to write, to research, to study, and reminds me all I need to remember when writing.

• Tell us about the works that you’ve written.

James Adigun: The first book that I wrote is titled “Jesus Testimony on His Second
Coming”, published in the year 2010. My second manuscript is titled “The War of Armageddon: It’s Jesus versus Allah, published in the year 2009.
The third work is titled “The Plan of God for Nigeria”published on 18th of August 2014.
The fourth book is titled “The Devil unmasked”.
The fifth book is titled “Unfailing Reward”.
The sixth book is titled “Saudi-Arabia: Where Worshipers Go Yearly To Stone Satan”.
And my seventh manuscript is
titled “Israel, and the Church of God.”

• Tell us your most recent work and what inspired you to write it.

James Adigun: The most recent of my work is “Israel, and the
Church of God”.
The inspiration to write came by the Holy Spirit, with the desire to make known the truth.

• What memories of your childhood do you hold dear.

James Adigun: The memories of my childhood that I hold dear is
that of an event, when a man robbed me, of a sum of money given me by my mother for an errand.
Some days after the incidence, the man came to the street where I resided to purchase something, and on my seeing
him, there was a
flashback of his face in my memory, and I immediately alerted my mother, who with the help of the men around apprehended the man, and he
confessed to the charges against him. He was made to refund the money he stole from me. The adults at the event commended
me for being able to recognize the man that robbed me, and I was happy for the recovery of the stolen money.

• Is there any book you are currently working on? Tell us about it.

James Adigun: The book I am presently working on is titled,
“God, and Man”.
Everything in heaven is about God, and on earth it is about Man. Heaven is the place of the throne of God, but the earth He
has made for man.
When, why, and how did He do that, is made known is the
book that we may know
our purpose on earth ,to man, and to God.

• Why do you write?

James Adigun: The purpose of my writing is to share the truth
made known to me by
God with others, as mandated by God in His word as recorded in Habakkuk 2:2, “And the LORD answered me, and said, write
the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that read it.”

• If you have the chance to write about just one thing in life, what would that be?

James Adigun: If I have the chance to write about just one thing in life, the writing would be titled “Eternity is Real : Heaven, or Hell.”

• Do you have any favorite authors?

James Adigun: My favorite authors are the authors of the sixty-six books of the bible.

• Where and how can we get your books?

James Adigun: “The War of Armageddon: It’s Jesus versus
Allah” is available on http://

“Jesus Testimony on His Second Coming” is available in various Bookshops ,at Ojuelegba, Lagos. at 10,Efon-Alaye Street,
Mushin, Lagos. at 61,Olorunsogo Street, Mushin, Lagos.

“The Plan of
God for Nigeria” is available on

• Any word for aspiring writers?

James Adigun: For any aspiring writer to fulfill his,or her desire
to succeed, what to write about, why, and how, and who is the
book meant for, are the question to be answered, before putting pen on paper.
Diligence, devotion to work, and the purpose of your existence must be in focus.


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