This evening, I had an urgent business I had to attend to. So I took time off my home-vacation, and went out of the house. It’s been a while!

I entered a bus, and my eyes couldn’t help but notice the person I had to sit next to. I do not intend to judge her, but she was absolutely improperly dressed. The portion of her bosom that lay bare was much more than the portion that was covered by the revealing skimpy shirt she wore.

It was disgusting! The last I wanted to behold was a woman’s bosom! I wanted to turn to her, and talk to her about the shirt she was wearing, but I was held back by two things. First, I didn’t want to look at her for the second time. My eyes were not ready to see again. Second, I didn’t know the kind of person she was. I don’t like causing a scene.

I couldn’t wait to get to my destination, and jump off the bus. The thought of getting my private car crossed my mind, seriously. As I sat outside our home this evening, a thought came to me. Was she a prostitute or a lady? Was she putting on rags or clothes?

By the way she looked, I couldn’t help but stick with the negative adjectives. My sisters, does the way your dress portray you as a lady or a prostitute? Do you put on clothes or rags?

I’d admonish that you put on clothes that define the classic and decent lady you are, and not put on rags that will portray you as a prostitute. It’s far more better to be simply beautiful, than to be horribly sexy.



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