Bridle Your Tongue


As the Bible says, the tongue may be the smallest member of the body, but in it lies the power of life and death. That sounds like a cliche, but it carries great truth.

To bridle your tongue is to be mindful of what you say; ensuring that your words in no way hurt others. Your words should be full of truth, honesty and healing!

A word that won’t add value to the next person’s life should not come out of your mouth. You should not speak just to intentionally hurt the feelings of others. Your tongue should make, not mar.

Your tongue should be a positive-talker, and not a crusader of negativity and impossibilities. Your tongue should breed and give life, not death.

Henceforth, watch the words of your mouth keenly, ensuring your words are flawless in essence. As you bridle your tongue, you will emerge as an amazing person you’ve always loved to be.



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