Too Much Noise; Stay Away


There is too much noise in our world. There is noise everywhere you turn to. The noise is so overwhelming that you cannot even think straight.

There is noise that come from the inside. Bothering on what to eat; how to close a deal; how to build a house; how to read for an exam; how to meet a target, etc are all noises that can make a person lame.

There is also a noise that comes from the outside. The sickening bad news on the TV; the horning of the bus drivers; the commotion at the bus park; the music from the record stores; the gossip of neighbors; the threats of the lecturers; the nagging of the boss, etc are all noises that can make a person dumb.

The best and wisest thing to do in this unending stream of noise is to STAY AWAY. Just like Jesus always did, it is important that we take out time to stay away.

Just go faraway to a quiet place, faraway from the noise. In the quiet place, silent all your thoughts, and just be quiet. Do not think of anything! Relax, and just enjoy freedom as though nothing else is happening. Just be free and quiet in a faraway quiet place.

In this state, you will always get your mind positioned to receive great ideas that will make you a wonder. In this state, you will receive so great a peace and calm to face your world. Stay away!

God bless you!


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