Beautiful smiles. Sweet songs. Awesome laughters. Dancing nature. Bright future. Memorable pictures.

Life indeed is a beautiful thing, and we want to live it to the fullest. Vacations. Bentleys. Dollars. We want the best things of life.

So we dream and achieve, but never get satisfied. After a mountain of meal, we seek for more. Always climbing, even at the top. We really never get there.

Years passes by. Wonderful investments. Lovely spouse. Sweet kids. Things we desired at our feet. It’s a wonderful life.

Then after, we breathe our last. It is finished! Then we discover, only one thing is needful!

The only needful thing is a life in Christ Jesus. We may dream, we may achieve, we may be the best. In all of these things, the only needful thing in life is a holy life in Christ Jesus.

Just like Mary, you need to choose this good part. Heaven remains the ultimate goal for me. What about you?


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