Today, on my way home from the explosive RCF retreat, my brain took me passed the King’s Square, Benin City, popularly called Ring Road. I wonder if rings are given out there for free.

As I struggled through the crowd, I could not help but notice with my very tired eyes people walking so fast as if the trumpet was about to sound. Those that were running with loads on their heads, and those that pushed whatever and whoever was pushable just to keep moving at a very fast pace.

There was rush everywhere. There was this hurry. It seems it was an Olympic race. Majority of persons were practically moving so faster than usual. There was no World War Three going on. If there was, I would have turned into a bird and flew away. Nothing was pursuing anybody. Yet, everyone was so in a hurry.

Funny enough, I enlisted in the race. With my bag across my bony shoulders, I also joined the crowd of rushing witnesses moving in a hurry for a reason unfathomable. At a point, I took a pause right at the middle of the walkway, and asked myself why I was in a hurry. I found no reason.

It was as if we were all being controlled by some kind of a remote control or something. Resuming from the pause, I took my calm, and walked majestically like a king that I am to the bus stop.

In life, everyone tend to be in a hurry. We always want to finish it first; to do it first. We believe there is only one life to live, and there is no time to waste. So we burn ourselves out trying to outdo others; trying to be the first.

Life is not about being the first, it is about being the best. There is absolutely no reason to be in a hurry in life. Where are we in a hurry to? The final destination of our bodies is the grave. It’s wiser to take our time to get there, than rush there untimely.

Take life by stages. This today, and that tomorrow. Enjoy life, and patiently fulfill purpose. Calmly wait for the right time for every right thing. We have no reason to be in a hurry.

The world will wait for a man who knows where he is going.
God bless you!


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