I needn’t put my tiny fingers through the rigorous process of typing what pornography is because I am well sure(just as I am sure of my name) that we all know what pornography is.

Not less than eight out of every ten persons that read this post have viewed pornography at one time or the other, and so enjoyed it. We must be real, and stop putting on white garments when our underwear is stained with thick blood.

A year or two ago, I posted in my blog shocking pornography statistics, and you need to see it. Just take a walk to helpfountain.wordpress.com and search for it.

I make bold to say that pornography is sinful, unhealthy and deadly. Don’t ask me if I am writing from experience. I know that you know what pornography has done to your life.

It may have started with just a sex scene on TV. Then, you started visiting those kind of websites Angel Micheal will dare not visit, and spent your time downloading to your phone photos of girls and boys that have sold their souls to the devil.

You well enjoyed the porn pleasure, and you still do. Common, stop pretending. If I attach a porn picture to this article now, you will still stare at it. You know I am talking to you. Just YOU!

You started stealing your mother’s money from her little kiosk to buy pornographic movies they sell in the busy street corner. You usually hid it under your shirt till you got home. It went straight to the bottom of your Ghana-must-go bag where you kept your clothes.

Now, you are wondering how I found out. Common, I nor b small pikin o. I have seen four presidential elections.

At a convenient time, when nobody is around, you slot in the disc and you bath in the pleasure of demonic humans having illicit sex. You particularly enjoyed, and maybe still enjoys, the same-sex sex scene. But you open your mouth in broad day light and insult lesbians and gays. 

Meanwhile, you are their fan in the secret. God has been watching you from Heaven, and He still does.

When you finally got your BlackBerry phone, and HP laptop, pornography became your food.

I have a Jet Li movie to watch now, I will continue this later.


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