Now, we really have to be honest to ourselves. We only have this life to address some critical issues. We can’t do it on Judgement Day.

What do you think: is masturbation really a sin? Let’s just forget what others will say, and just express ourselves. 

Let’s go all out and express what we really believe. Forgive me if the question sounds stupid or blasphemous, for this is for a purpose.

Is masturbation a sin?



  1. mik1999 · February 19, 2014

    Not at all. It does no harm to others and is no more distracting to your ability to worship God than any other hobby.

    • Sunday Erhun · February 25, 2014

      Thanks Mik1999 for your comment.
      But how really can you tell it’s no mire distracting your ability to worship God than any other hobby?

      • mik1999 · February 25, 2014

        That’s a fair question SE. I am not a religious person, so I try to allow logic and basic moral tenants to guide me (many of which I draw from the bible). I have a 2-step logic on this:

        Step 1: We all engage in activities that we find pleasurable, and when we do this we are not doing other things that are serious and important in our lives. So whether we are masturbating or watching a mindless sitcom on TV, we are engaging our mind in something pleasurable but, really, useless. We could be doing things that are more important, such as parenting, worshiping God, helping in the community.

        Step 2: By engaging in this pleasurable but time-wasting activity, are we harming others or ourselves. As long as your partner is OK with you pleasuring yourself, I don’t think masturbating hurts anyone (as long as you do not become compulsive in it and allow it to distract you form more important responsibilities – like any other hobby). I also don’t think it hurts your soul. I obviously cannot prove this but it seems unlikely that masturbating is any more repellant to God than some of the ridiculous things you see on TV. In all seriousness, if God is all about love and compassion, I would think he would like masturbation much more than many of these mean-spirited, demeaning reality TV shows that seem to consume hours of many peoples time these days.

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