Now, you can call me obsolete, or even stupid. But, I emphatically state that I do not believe in Valentine or St. Valentine’s Day celebration.

We don’t need to have a special day where we show love. Love should be part of us, and we must express this everyday. It is stupid of me to wait till February 14th before I buy my lovely mum a gift. It is stupid to wait till Valentine’s Day before I tell people how much they mean to me.

According to popular belief, St. Valentine gave his life for the sake of love. Fine! Do we really need his death to remind us of the need to love? Isn’t the death of Jesus enough? 

And also, what kind of love do we even celebrate today? Aren’t boys going to sleep around with girls today for the sake of St. Valentine? Did St. Valentine preach sexual immorality? Did he support young girls losing their virginity to those they are not married to? 

I may not have enough strong reasons, but I just don’t believe in this so called St. Valentine’s Day. So, I am going to live today just like every other day.

And I will try to express love to my beautiful family and friends everyday of my life. I don’t need Valentine’s Day to do that!



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