As I walked along Ibiwe Street, Benin City today, I saw a very pretty young lady with one of her eyeballs pushed out. It seemed the eyeball was going to fall off the next moment. It was red sore with tears dripping from it. Oh my God, I just can’t describe it. She had an umbrella over her head possibly to protect the eyeball from the scorching sun. I guess she was not born that way. It could have been an accident.

When I walked past her, I covered my face with my palms and wept. Tears filled my eyes. Even as I write this, my eyes are red with volumes of tears. After a distance from her, I looked up to heaven and asked God why.

God replied: “Son, you are not grateful enough. You do not know what I have done, and still do for your family.”
Those words hit me right in the heart, and I begged for God’s mercy. I couldn’t imagine one of my lovely sisters having an eyeball like that. I just couldn’t! I couldn’t imagine myself having one deformity or the other. I just couldn’t imagine.

God has kept us thus far. We don’t deserve it, but His love has been overwhelming. We are not the people with the best of characters, but He has given us the best of life. Lord, we are grateful.

Beloved, why don’t you go ahead and show gratitude to God for His undying love!


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