Today, as I carried my large head and small chest on my walk-about legs heading to the office of the Corporate Affairs Commission for some official stuff, I encountered severing scenarios that got me transfixed like an insane man staring at a dustbin.

First, it was a driver that almost hit a little child who was hawking sachet-water. That child was just too lucky. I blame nobody but the driver. Where the hell was he rushing to? He almost killed someone all because of hurry! 

That attitude rests not with the angry-looking driver who was driving a bus that was begging for retirement. Many of us have this same attitude. We are always in a hurry.

Where the hell are we running to? Is it not just this little life? Why do we place less value on our lives, but put more value on things we can’t enjoy without breath in our tiny or wide nostrils.

All because of hurry to make wealth, our beautiful young ladies go about sleeping around with married men and prostituting. Consequently, they damage their future and even get STDs and STIs.

All because of the crazy rush to ride flashy cars and stay in exquisite homes, our young men go about defrauding others. Consequently, they end up in jails and blame Satan for their callous acts.

All because of hurry! We are too much in a rush!

We have to calm down, and live life at God’s pace. Never run before God or after Him. Walk by His side. This life is too little to rush out of it.

God bless you!

…….to be continued!


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