One does not need a thousand voices to say that God hates every form of sexual sin. Those involved in it know that God despises their acts.

Every form of sexual immorality not only draws you away from God, it gives Satan the visa into your life. The more a person engage in sexual sins, the more chunks Satan cart away from the person’s destiny.

As the scripture stated, sexual sin is sin against your very own body, in that you are subjecting your body to damage. Many young persons today may later live a frustrating life in the future because their acts if immorality give Satan the opportunity to cause damage to them.

Knowing that sexual sins causes damage to your destiny and fulfillment, it is therefore imprudent to continue in it or engage in it. Sexual purity is a command from God, and only His enemies flaunt His commands. You don’t want to be God’s enemy!

Now, you may ask: “What are these sexual sins?” Sexual sin is any act that gives you sexual pleasure outside marriage. In other words, when a person derives sexual pleasure from any means or person who he/she is not married to, the person has engaged in sexual sin.

To make you understand better, I will enumerate the most common kinds if sexual sins people engage in these days. Here they are:

~Premarital Sex: When a person engages in sexual intercourse when he/she is not married. This is very common. The Bible refers to this as fornication.

~Extramarital Sex: When a married person engages in sexual intercourse with any other person who is not his/her spouse. The Bible calls this Adultery.

~Masturbation: The act of deriving sexual pleasure by ‘playing’ with one’s sexual organs. This is destructive.

~Homosexuality: Engaging in sex with a person of same sex. These set of persons are commonly referred to as gays and lesbians. Sodom suffered for this.

~Pornography: Viewing naked pictures or videos of people having sex. This is very common amongst the youth these days. Pornography could also be in form of reading sex stories online or reading sex books.

~Incest: The act of blood relations having sexual relationships. We hear stories of father sleeping with daughters, and all the likes. This is from the pit of hell.

Sex Thoughts: Thinking sexually of another person is also a sexual sin. This often leads to masturbation, and even acts of rape.

These seven types of sexual sins are not all there is to it, but are the most prevalent in our society. We should lead the right kind of life, and send these things out of our lives.

Sexual sin should not be named among us as Christians. God bless you!



  1. faithbond777 · March 1, 2014

    What’s a sin for you is no longer a sin for me, brother.

    • Sunday Erhun · March 1, 2014

      Thanks for taking out time to drop a comment. I really would appreciate if you could throw more light on your statement. Couldn’t get you.

      • faithbond777 · March 1, 2014

        I am no longer a Christian (I once was). Check out my post on abstinence on my blog and you will know the reason for my comment.

      • Sunday Erhun · March 1, 2014

        Went through your blog, and sure got a lot of deviant views and ideas. We all have the right to believe whatever we choose to believe.

        But I must confess you got me startled. I want to find out why you stopped being a Christian?

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