During the long holiday which the wonderful members of ASUU generously granted us without our consent, I was privileged to attend a very refreshing spiritual retreat in a camp ground sited in a community where trees are gods and ancestors.

As instructed by God, we went for evangelism. I and my partner in the ‘beautiful feet job’ met with a young man who was always looking at the ground as if our eyeballs were those of werewolves. When we began sharing God’s word with him, he interrupted us, and told us he was already born-again. 

Fine! In joy, we asked him when he gave his life to Christ, and his answer shook us to the bones. He said: “I was born-again from my mother’s womb.” We were like, “What?!” “How could you have been born-again from your mother’s womb?”

By God’s help, he saw the light and eventually gave his life to Jesus. But his answer engaged me in an ocean of thoughts. Many of us church attendees today are not so different from that young man.

Because we were born into a church, we believe we have received Jesus. How true is that? We believe we are Christians just because we attend a church. And this is very wrong.

The born-again experience must be a conscious one. There should have been a point in your life when and where you opened your heart to allow Jesus in, and confessed so with your mouth.

Religion will never take you to heaven. Being in the religion of Christianity is not a ticket to everlasting life. So, the questions we should ask ourselves are these?

-Am I born-again?
-Does God call me His own?
-When did I give my life to God?
-Am I being spiritual or religious?

Just as no one can be born-again right from birth, so also can no one be born-again just by being a part of a church. I would admonish we take time out and find out if we even have a personal relationship with God.

If you discover that you are not yet born-again, you can still do so. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I would post an article on how you can become born-again.

God bless you!


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