Sitting in any physics class is always boring for me. I always feel like digging the ground and burying myself inside. But little did I know that several concepts in physics describes human behavior, attitude and lifestyle. One of those concepts is “Scalar and Vector Quantities.”

Reading online this evening in preparation for my exams( I wish exams were scrapped from university education), I came across the term Scalar Quantities, and an amazing thought overwhelmed me. Before I share this thought with you, let me enroll you in a brief physics class.

Vector quantities are quantities that have both magnitude and direction. While Scalar quantities are quantities that have only magnitude but no direction. A Vector quantity has a place it’s going, but a scalar quantity has none.

In life, there are so many scalar quantities. They have magnitude in the sense that they have life, but they have no direction. They move around everyday, but they do not know where they are going in life. 

Scalar Quantities are those persons who have not discovered their purpose in life. They expect a better future, but do not know their place in it. They do not know where they will be ten years from now. They do not know why they were born.

It is a dangerous thing to be a scalar quantity. Without a clear-cut vision of where you are headed, you will be thrown anywhere by the winds of life. The sure way to lead a great life is to discover your purpose here on earth.

So, do not be the kicked football. Instead, kick the football.

NB: Got to continue my reading!

God bless you!


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