Sometimes, I could really be a busybody. That day, I had several options.

       I could have stayed back in the house watching our overfed politicians lie with so much passion, confidence and seriousness as though they are Nollywood actors on our TV whose antenna is always fooling itself.

      I could have lay on my rather hard bed dreaming of flying on my personal and private green-coloured jet with my beautiful wife on our way to Sweden for our vacation of life. 

       Or I could have stayed back at home shuttling between the kitchen visiting the pot and the toilet to post mails. You should understand.

But I decided to visit a longtime friend. I dressed up in my badly-ironed sleeve I had hastily ironed many days back. You never can tell when our precious sold-out PHCN will go on an unannounced industrial action.

     Getting to her place, I regretted ever waking up that morning. Her father’s house was older than I am, but the touch of modernity in it was exquisite. I sat in the angry noise-making sofa. She came out from her room gorgeously dressed. I stood up to give her a warm hug as old-time friends, but she pushed me off, and said:

“You are a bad friend. You forgot me completely. No call or visits. You are truly a bad friend.”

I was perplexed! I handled the situation as a gentleman I do pretend to be. But when I got home, I started thinking.

What is friendship? Isn’t it supposed to be mutual? Why do some persons desire friends when they are not friendly?

If I do not ask after you, what stops you from asking after me? If I do not show care, what stops you from showing care? It is improper to expect commitment from a friend you are not committed to.

All that by the way, let’s learn to be friendly. There is no need to wait for the other person to call or write you first. There should be no place for pride. 
Two persons involved in friendship are both special.

Instead of calling others bad friends, you be a good friend.

NB: Since the visit, I have not called her neither has she called. Next time we meet, she’ll start complaining……

God bless you!


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