As my lazy body woke up this silent morning, I wrestled to get my phone which had dozed off under the bed. I clicked on my calendar widget and saw that today is the 26th of December, 2013. So, yesterday was Christmas?

I know you are already looking for a heavy log of wood to hit my head with for asking such an annoying question. Please, pardon me. I am really confused. I saw so many things playing out yesterday that made me skeptic if yesterday was truly Christmas.

I thought we are supposed to celebrate the birth of Christ on a Christmas day, but in my neighborhood, the way most persons had their celebration was in no way related to Christ or his birth. This made me wonder.

Sagging ‘beer parlours’ filled to the brim with both young and old drinking to stupor that they started calling the sun a candle, and referring to Jesus as an old man. Is that Christmas?

Young teenagers, or maybe youths, with catarrh still dripping from their noses like the water fountain at King’s Square going clubbing and dancing intimately with young women that are yet to understand that life is not one plus one. Is that Christmas?

Prostitutes going on ‘strike’ because the patronage was too much from men and boys that believe a time with a prostitute(s) was a sure adventure for Christmas. Is that Christmas?

Towering cooked food on plates and pots like the groundnut pyramids of Kano, yet no sharing with neighbours and the destitute. Is that Christmas?

Young girls and even old ones sleeping over at their supposed lovers’ place doing what I can not categorically say. Is that Christmas?

There are many more, but my sleepy fingers need to rest.

So, this is why I ask if yesterday was Christmas? My bags are ready. I am going to Umiofa Village to find out. Will you come?

God bless you!