Do people care about virginity anymore?
How many young people still take virginity as a pride?

Oh, if you are still a virgin, you are indeed a treasure- blessed and highly favoured!

People will tend to call you obsolete and write you off all because you’ve not had sex. Fine! God calls you His own and writes you on His Beloved List.

A person who truly loves you will not have sex with you when you both are not married. The person wants to sleep with you out of lust for your body, or whatever.

Love preserves! Lust consumes!

You should hold your virginity dearly. Treasure it! Don’t lose it to anybody you are not bound to maritally. Common, virginity is dignity.

God hates it when you have sex with a person you are not married to and that’s an indisputable truth. God adores virgins who keep themselves pure, chaste and undefiled unto their marital homes.

So, my dear young ones, do not lose your virginity to anybody for any reason or cause. Be disciplined, and remain a beautiful virgin! It is a duty unto yourself, your future spouse and unto God Himself.

NB: I pray to God daily that He gives me a virgin as a wife. 
You can call me whatever name you want to.

God bless you!