I don’t like horror movies and I would never watch one. But, today I saw one. It was live! My eyes, soul and heart beheld real-life horror.
     I saw my eyes pulled out like Samson’s and red blood gush out like springs of water. The demon says I have beheld sin and had to pay with my eyes.
      My skin began to rotten and worms as large as  a cobra were swimming on my decaying skin. I was decaying! I just could not believe it. The demon says that was the price I had to pay for doing evil with my body.
      My bones began to turn into ashes, and in no time I was complete ashes. The demon laughed loudly!

I cried as I saw myself turned into ashes. I was hunted by my past. I was hunted by a demon because of the wrong I had done in my past. The past brought this horror to my thought.

   Then I saw a wind. In the wind was a light. In the light was a life. The wind blew over me and my ashes began to turn to beauty.
      My bones came back, and so did my skin, and my eyes. The life entered into me and became alive once again- fresh and new!

I am no longer hunted by my past. I am free. Jesus has made me free. My past has no right into my joy. Jesus is my joy!

No longer hunted by my past. Glad in my present. Rejoicing in my future.