The title did indeed caught you, and now you expect to see laid out principles on how to be a good man, but I am sorry to disappoint you. I don’t know know how you can be a good man.
ASIDE: Hope you ain’t going to whip me?

However, I can tell you how you can be a good person as a man. Your personality brings light to your manhood. Don’t always see yourself as a man, see yourself as an individual: a person. To be a good person out there just soak in the following into your system:

– WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU EAT: When your hands are dirty, you will take in the dirt while eating, and so you may get sick. In life, let your ways be clean. Every evil actions will return to you. Little bad things make a big bad person. Do good things always, and be a jolly good fellow.

-ALWAYS WASH YOUR MOUTH CLEAN: A smelling mouth is repulsive, and I don’t even need to tell you that. In life, learn to speak the right words. Don’t be rude and insulting in your words. Speak calm and healing words. Good guys talk the good way. Bad guys talk badly.

-ALWAYS TAKE YOUR BATH: You don’t want to go about smelling like poo. In life, wash off yourself the wrong thoughts, habits and attitudes you’ve acquired over the time. These things smell badly. They make you bad. Sex thoughts will make you chase anything in skirt. Wash it off. Wasteful spending will make you poor as a street mouse. Wash it off. Take your bath always.

-DON’T KEEP YOUR DISHES DIRTY: Ever entered someone’s kitchen and you couldn’t breathe? Some persons’ hearts are worse. Keeping your dishes dirty is being unforgiving, and even keeping malice. That’s truly dirty. It costs you nothing to let go. Ever want to go for revenge? Dig two graves! Good people forgive people, and they do so for real.

-IRON YOUR CLOTHES: Some guys’ trousers are like the female skirt. They can’t even touch it with a pressing iron. Your clothes represent your personality. Develop your person and be the best of yourself. Just don’t remain raw, become a product. Add value to your personality, and bring out your true identity. Bad guys are always looking like skirts.

-LET YOUR SHOES SHINE: Ever saw a guy with an expensive, but dirty and dusty shoe? I always feel like giving them a punch, but I am not a boxer. Shine! Glow! You can do this by being happy always. Be a happy fellow! An handsome face with a frown is the ugliest of all faces. If possible, stamp a permanent smile on your face. Stay on the positive train, and be a good happy man.

-PAY YOUR BILLS: You don’t want the cabman dragging the tie on your neck. You have to get a job. If you are not an employee, be an employer. Just get something legal doing that will fetch you money. You don’t buy life with money, but you can’t live life well without it, at least a token of it. Work!

NEVER BURN THE HOUSE DOWN: Ever saw a burnt house? It’s ridiculous that a house worth millions ruined all because of a silly mistake of letting fire become the landlord. The fire that can burn you into a mess is uncontrolled anger. Common, cool your temper with ice blocks. Learn to control your anger. Anger makes a fool out of a man. Don’t burn yourself and your relationship with others down. Just be a calm guy. Be good!

-SWEEP THE FLOOR: You don’t want to walk into your own house, and a banana peel will fall you down. Always learn to sweep the floor of your house. Keep pride off your heart. You don’t want to be slipping and falling all the time. Pride will always embarrass you and put on you a garment of a bad defeated guy. Stay humble. For every dollar you make, a kid somewhere is making a million. Cool down, bro!

-PRAY BEFORE YOU SLEEP AND WHEN YOU WAKE UP: Mum will never stop telling me that. Guess your mum does/did same too. To be a good person, a relationship with God is inevitable. Without God, you are unarguably the baddest man alive. God makes all in the difference. Stick to Him. He is your papa!

I think I should stop here before I begin to bore you with the long sermons. Hope you learnt a thing or two?

NB: Now, many wonder why I didn’t title it HOW TO BE A GOOD PERSON. I didn’t because this is for the male folks. If you are a woman and you read it, we will see in the law court. *Call my lawyer, if I have any*.

God bless you!


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