Knowing the principles of success will guide you into living a successful and fulfilling life. Majority of individuals desire to live a great life, but do not know how to. There are principles that guide success, and if you adhere strictly to these principles, success is inevitable. The principles:

1) Only a Purpose-driven Life Brings Success: An individual who is not leading a life of purpose can never experience true success. If you desire success, first discover your purpose of existence. After discovering it, pursue it. Purpose is the reason you were ever born. It is the WHY of your life. Purpose will guide you into doing the right things that you were configured by God to do. Doing these things that you were born to do will bring success. Doing things you were not born to do will only land you in the island of frustration and sadness. Discover and pursue the purpose of your existence, and you will experience uncommon success.

2) Love Yourself: This probably seem irrelevant to the subject of discuss, but it is quintessential. You cannot live a successful life when you don’t love yourself. Loving yourself ensures you are contented with who you are. This is important because it ensures you don’t embark on the journey of trying to be someone else. Trying to be another will make you the most miserable being on earth. Success is not being the best person around, it is being the best of yourself. If you are yet to completely love yourself, you just have to do so. Hatred of yourself is anti-success!

3) Be a Blessing: Success is not in how much you have. Success is in being a blessing to others. You cannot expect to experience success when you refuse to touch lives. An amazing kind of joy will always flood your life when you stretch out your arms of love to people. A life without impact is a total failure. A poor man in the village who feeds little children every afternoon is a lot more of success than a rich man who feeds only his children. If you want to lead a great life, be a blessing to others.

4) Get an Education: Success comes to those who can do something. The fulfillment that saturate your heart when you get something good done is indescribable. Getting an education will ensure that your skills, talents, and potentials are groomed and activated. The education necessarily do not have to be formal, but get trained in the sphere of life you know you are going to function. Learn! Don’t just sit and expect to achieve success when you have nothing upstairs! What were you born to do? Get an education in that area.

5) Dream: Yeah, dream! Dream with your eyes open. Success is meant for persons who can look beyond their present circumstances, and dream big. Dream of doing the impossible! You can never achieve beyond the limit of your dreams. Some persons are chickened out of life because they were afraid of dreaming. They always saw the impossibility in everything. Consequently, they could hardly achieve anything, and success never paid them a visit. Let nothing hinder you from dreaming. However, do not be controlled by your dreams. Instead, control them.

6) Work Hard: Success is never for lazy people! Success will not envelope a man who does not want to do anything meaningful with his brain and hands. Whatever you have to do, put your all into it. Work hard! Never give up in the most trying times. Never relent. Let your sleeves remain folded, and work your fingers to the bone.

7) Build Effective Relationships: We all well know that a single tree cannot make a forest. Do not isolate yourself in the journey of life. Commit yourself into building effective relationships. Words cannot sufficiently express the benefits of a single good friendship. Make good friends because they are sure ladders to greatness. Build relationships that will be mutually beneficial. Friends can impact your life in a tremendous way. Friends help keep your dreams alive.

8) Be Disciplined: Discipline will ensure you stay on course. Some individuals are so loosed. If you must be a successful person, you must be disciplined. Adhere to the ethics of your purpose and profession. When you set goals, stick to them and do not allow just anything deviate your attention. Do not make everyday of your life a leisure. Do not be so desirous of pleasure. Be disciplined! Many persons ended up in frustration because they were undisciplined engaging in activities that were injurious and even disastrous to their purpose.

9) Never Give Up: There will always be trying times, but never call it quits. Even in the face of the most challenging situation, hold on. You will always overcome. Never give up on your dreams. You life may be in shambles, pick it up and move on. Success is a friend of the man who never gives up. Hold on to your dreams, and you will achieve success in no time.

10) Make God a Priority: Without God, you are a failure. God on your side ensures your efforts produce results. If you must live a successful life, God must be your priority. This is the greatest principle of success. In the next blogpost I will talk exhaustively on this principle.

I admonish that you live by these principles, and your life will be beautiful. These ten principles are not all there is to success, but these ten are the most pronounced. Discover, and apply!
God bless you!


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