Hmmm…….Sometimes, I really wish I was blind so I don’t get to see the nakedness of girls who choose to go about naked.
My city is very beautiful, but it is becoming ugly. Why? There are so many naked girls around!
Is it wrong to dress decently? Is it a crime if you don’t expose it? Why do you want to look sexy?
They claim they are not prostitutes, but their manner of dressing is bizarre.
I even wonder if they have parents at home. I even wonder if they are Christians. They tell you that your manner of dressing does not matter. Really?
What bothers me the most is that people now come to churches naked! It’s everywhere in my city. Does it happen in yours? Pastors who want more members in their pews rather than in Heaven allow them to stay. They just keep shut about it, and the beloved brothers reluctantly head for hell.
They say the brothers should always look away. How effective can that be?
In years to come, children may not be allowed outside in my city. You know why? Everyone then may be walking about completely naked.
It’s annoying when people just know something is improper, and still continue in it. Gosh!
Jesus is not coming to die on the cross again. It is our duty to do the right thing.
If you happen to be one of the ladies living in my city, please allow my city remain beautiful. Do not stain it. We don’t want to keep seeing naked people in front of us on the walk-ways. We don’t want to be sitting close to a naked lady in buses.
We demand decency! We don’t want to see what you’ve got. Keep it for your husband, please!
I have said the little I can say. I hope to have a beautiful day tomorrow in my beautiful city!
She that has ear, let her hear. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


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