Hello Sirs and Madams! I was least polite in the part one of this post, and am not sorry for that.
You woke up this morning, and the first thing you did is read your messages on facebook. You never opened your Bible or said a word of prayer, and you call yourself a Christian? How ridiculous!
As early as this morning, you’ve already told a lie, and you are glad you did. You think you are better than Satan?
In the bathroom; you masturbate everytime, and you come to church and lift up your hands. Don’t ever do that! Don’t you know you are to worship God in Truth and in Spirit? Read John 4:23,24. I know you won’t even read that. You now have a special piece of cloth you use in wiping off the dust that have accumulated over the week on your Bible every Sunday morning because your bible is a sunday-material. What a shame!
You are so self-centered! Love, love, love. Can you even define love? You will stutter if you try to. How come you claim you are a christian?
You ignore the beggar on the streets. You’ve become a glutton while others are hungry. You are not a Christian!
When last did you pay your tithe? You are a theif, and you are comfortable being one. See Malachi 3
Going to church doesn’t make you are christian. You are just being religious! Jesus never established a church, he established a kingdom. What’s that kingdom? You don’t even know. It’s not heaven as you may have guessed. How on earth did you ever come to believe you are a christian?
I am not being skeptical of your christian faith, or trying to make you feel guilty. I intend to make you take a critical look at your life, and see if it is pleasing to God all-round.
What are you presently wearing. Will Jesus put on such naughty clothes? And you claim to be like him.
Oh, it’s not about being a Choir leader or a Sunday School teacher. It’s about being holy.
You don’t even pray for your friends and country, let alone your enemies.
By the way, who is a christian?


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