I am not joking about this! You think you are a christian? You are not!
You claim you are Christ-like, and you can’t even show love to you next door neighbour. Jesus was an epitome of love.
You are so HOLY that everyone else are sinners. Christians don’t judge.
You told a lie yesterday, you will tell another today; and you believe there’s nothing wrong with it. Liars have no place in God!
When last did you give to the poor?
When last did you preach to the lost?
Every sunday, you put on your best clothes, and go to church deceiving yourself. Christianity is not a religion!
This night, you are going to have sex with someone you are not married to. Tomorrow, you go for Prayer Meeting. And it’s just normal to you. What a shame!
You are not a christian. You are stuck to pornography, you enjoy it even during church service. Don’t ever call yourself a citizen of heaven.
That you are not perfected does not give you the liberty to be stupid.
Who are those that go to night clubs? Who are those that keep the alcohol business thriving?
You watch movies all because of the sex scenes. You are not a christian!
You think about that guy before you fall asleep, instead of Jesus. Then you wake up and dare call Jesus your Lord.
You think you are a Christian?



  1. Gustavo · September 18, 2013

    Love your enemy!

    • Sunday Erhun · September 18, 2013

      Loving one’s enemy is very key in the Christian race. Thanks Gustavo!

  2. Enogueva Godstime · September 18, 2013

    Jesus is the best friend ever

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