You cannot live a fulfilled life without fulfilling purpose. It is needful to state that Purpose is Life. Many do not fulfill purpose because they do not have an understanding of it.
There is a need to have the right understanding of this great truth. Purpose is different from profession but many persons do not know this. Some persons engage in a Profession and take it as their Purpose. So they dwell in a profession and never make an attempt to fulfill purpose. Let’s consider simple definition of these terms.
Purpose is WHAT you were born to do.
Profession is HOW you are to do it.
Power is WITH WHAT you are to do it.
Having a clear but deep understanding of these terms is very paramout so that you do not confuse one for another. So, WHAT were you born to do? Definitely, you were born to DELIVER, and you must. You should know exactly WHAT you are to deliver so that you CAN. HOW are you to deliver this? The honest truthful answer to this is your PROFESSION. Your career may be your profession but do not ever take it as your purpose. If you do, you will never get to your place in destiny.
I will be writing more on this subsequently. Please share, and your questions are welcomed.


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