I have been wondering, ‘Why do young persons take pleasure in having sex while they are not married?’
All around, especially in a University campus, young poeple sleep with one another as if it is the norm. Premarital Sex has been painted so well that it now lustres and nobody sees anything wrong with it.
For crying out loud, having sex with someone you are not married to is evil,immoral,barbaric,absurd, and deforming.
It is so hard to find a decent relationship these days. All you find are relationships founded on sex and money. The question is, WHY?
This menace of sexual immorality has grown so deep that homosexuality has become a norm. Gay and Lesbian acts all around. Gosh!
Must me sacrifice our eternal glory just for temporary pleasure?
The crave for sex is too much, and this is killing our relationship with God, our productivity, and our creativity.
Every act of premarital sex is an enactment of a script written, produced and directed by a demon.
Beloved, let us keep ourself pure, undefiled and fidel. It pays more that way.
Have a great day!


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