I will be treating this topic in series. In this post, I will be posing questions before you. Honestly answering them will be a giant step towards discovering your purpose in life, which is very essential.
Here they are:
1. What Do You Love To Do?
Your answer should be very specific and should be inseperable from what you find joy in doing, and will dumb everything else just to do it. Mark Zuckerberg loves making the world open. What about you?
2. What Do You Love To Learn About?
Space scientists love to learn about the outer space. Life Coaches love to learn about how to live a successful and fulfilling life. Clerics learn to love about their faith. What about you? What do you love to learn about?
3. What Do You DO In Your Free Time?
This definitely must support you passion. Aside normal daily routines, what do always do? Do you love to write? Or to sing? Painting? Talking? Playing Musical Instruments?
4. What Do You Always Notice?
Do you always notice children without food and good clothes? Do you always notice broken marriages? Do you always notice a poorly-written app? Do you always notice a quack mobile app? What you notice always catches your attention and you are always concerned about it, making it better.
5. What Do People Compliment About You?
This question is as important as others. Others’ genuine compliment about you reflects your strenghts. Discovering your strenghts is important in discovering your purpose in life, because your strenghts are tools that help you acheive this purpose.
I do hope you answer these questions with utmost care and honesty. In subsequent posts, we will go further in our journey towards discovering our purpose in life.
Answer them and kind enought to let me know your answers and questions by dropping a comment.
Touch a life by sharing this post. Bliss!


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