Why masturbate?
If you do not get sexual pleasure, you will not die. So why do you go such an absurd lenght of masturbation just to get sexual pleasure.
Masturbation will only give you brief moments of pleasure, but staeals away a great chunk of your relationship with God; your future, peace and health.
Do away witg masturbation. It has no benefit, but a cause a great deal of damage.
In my next post, I will offer suggestions on how you can stop the habit of masturbation.
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  1. chike · February 11, 2013


  2. Katherine Steele · May 2, 2013

    Masturbation is very healthy. Not only does it relieve stress (so one doesn’t keep thinking about sex, which you seem to be very concerned about) but it also increases confidence and causes the brain to release pain relieving endorphins. Men and women can both mastubate. Men usually use their penis while women can either stimulate their clitors or the inside of their vagina. Masturbation is especially great because it’s SAFE. There is no fear of STD’s or pregnancy. It’s also good to get to know what you like sexually so that when you do get into a relationship, you know what you want. People who masturbate before becoming sexually active have more happy and fulfilling relationships.

    People who restrict themselves from masturbation can suffer depression, stress, and anger. Masturbation provides an outlet for these things. If someone chooses to not do it, that’s fine. But to make someone feel bad about it is dangerous for their health and self-esteem.

    There is nothing wrong with masturbation you should have looked it up before posting against it. Learn.




  3. Sunday Erhun · May 2, 2013

    I appreciate your comment.
    Do know that reasons will always be developed for wrong things to be established.
    Masturbation is wrong and has dangers. I have talked about that in several posts of mine.
    That a poisoned food tastes nice means not that it is beneficial.

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