‘You don’t have to go the 360 degrees’ of recent has been my most favourite quote because it contains a great truth of contentment and self-discovery. Many individuals are so full of regrets; they don’t like what they have, who they are, or where they are. They always wish they had something else, or were somewhere else or was someone else.
If you are such a person, you must understand that life is not about getting the best things, it is about making the best out of what you get; it is not about being the best person, it is about bringing the best out of your person.
You are in the desert and not the forest because God wants to use you to make a forest out of the forest. You are who you are and have what you are for a unique purpose. So discover that purpose and turn your lemon into a lemonade.
You certainly do not have to go the 360 degrees. All you are looking for is right inside of you. You are not a function of your environment or circumstances, they are a function of you.
Be contented with who you are, what you have and where you are. Discover the real you and shake the world from its roots.
We cannot all be presidents, neither can we all be lawyers or space scientists. Some have to be bankers, farmers, doctors. We cannot all be preachers or writers, some have to be counsellors, engineers and nurses.
So, in whatever degree of life you are, spin fast round that degree and spread vibrations all round the entire 360 degrees.
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