The Month of December

The month of December is a very special month for us all. I guess you know why, but I can’t help but say why. It is the last month of the year. Yes, the end of the year we have been waiting for. For Christians, it is also the month the birth of Christ Jesus is celebrated. To some others, it is the month you spend the savings you had made throughout the year. To others, it is just a month you relax.
However what December means individually to us all, it is generally a MONTH OF FESTIVITY for us all. Whether we celebrate Christmas or not, we still celebrate. You should know why! We have lived to see the last month of the year!, and to me(and I guess to you also) it is worth celebrating.
I have observed that in Nigeria, the month of December is the month teenagers lose their virginity and young girls get pregnant; people get into debt; crime rate gets on the rise and so many heart-rendering ills. This is not supposed to be so. Don’t you agree with me?
The month of December is special and we must live it specially by:
– Realising that it is a PERIOD OF REFLECTION, when we reflect on the year going.
– Taking it as a period to plan for next year.
– By taking it as an opportunity to show love to others.
– By spending quality time with your family.
– Showing love to yourself. You can do this by refusing to do what will either harm you or others.
Wow! That’s much writing. I will post the completing part hours later. Your comments and questions are greatly welcomed.
I would be most grateful if you share this. Thanks.



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