All over the world, smoking of cigarettes has become more of like a culture. My particular concern is on teenagers who have taken up this trend of smoking cigarretes.
No matter the possible advantage of cigarette-smoking you may enumerate, smoking of cigarettes is absolutely deadly!
KNOW THIS: A stick of cigarette you smoke costs you 11 minutes of your life span. In other words, if you smoke one cigarette, you lose 11 minutes of your life! Imagine that.
If you smoke consistently two sticks of cigarettes a day for one year, you lose a chunk of 8,052 hours(134 days or 4.5 months) of your life span!
Smoke for one year, lose an average of 5 months of your life.
Are you willing to afford that? If you are not, you better quit smoking.
Always remember, a stick of cigarette not only cost you some money, it also cost you 11 precious minutes of your life span.
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  1. Ogbebor Benjamin · August 1, 2012

    That’s is absolutely true man,u are right.

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