We live in a society, and we have friends around us. We are friends to people. If you so desire to be a good friend you must understand the essence of friendship.
You are a friend to that person so that you can make that person a better individual.- That is the essence of friendship!
To be a good friend,
– You must help your friend utilise his/her potentials.
– You must correct your friend when he/she does err.
– You must share ideas with each other.
– You should always commend his/her positive actions.
– You must stand by him/her even in the most difficult situation.
– You must let a secrete remain a secrete.
– You should render help to him/her when the need arises.
– You must always remember him/her in your prayers.
– You should never get envious of his/her success.
– You must keep to your promise.
– You must avoid telling lies.
– You must be humble.
These will definitely help you be a good friend you want to be.
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