For one reason or the other, many of us suffer from low self-esteem. We wish we were like the other person. We wish we were more beautiful, more taller, more everything.
-God made you in His image and you are excellent just the way you are.
-You are the best person on earth.
-You may have some flaws, but everybody has.
-Be yourself and never try to be another. You are unique.
-If you try to become others, you can never become anybody.
-Your friends wish they were you. They wish they had what you hate most about your self.
-Love your person. Never condemn yourself.
-Learn to focus on your positives than your negatives.
-If you remain original, your originality will open doors for you.
– You were made the way you are for a purpose. If you try become someone else, you will never fulfill that purpose.
Love yourself. Respect yourself. Be yourself.
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  1. matthew · July 19, 2012

    those who wishing to be others never bring out the originality God that created in them. so,be yourself.

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