Every teenager should know these things to enable him/her live a good life.
1. In FEW YEARS time, you would either be a GREAT PERSON or a NONENTITY.
2. You are MOST LIKELY not to end up marrying the person you THINK you love.
3. What you HATE MOST about yourself is what your friends ADMIRE MOST about you.
4. ONE Pornographic picture will STAY in your brain for over nine months, and take control of you.
5. A STICK of ciggarette you smoke takes NUMBERS OF DAYS from your life.
6. The more you SLEEP, the lazier to READ you become.
7. The MORE you interact with narrow-minded people, the narrower your mind becomes.
8. You MAY end up not getting a job with what you read in school.
9. The MORE you stay with your phone, the LESS you stay with your books.
10. The people that will tell you the greatest truth are your FAMILY MEMBERS.
11. With EVERY sex you have, you are at risk of thirty-nine STIs.
12. God WILL NEVER abadon you.

Hope this helps. Any question? Drop a comment. Would love to hear from you.



  1. Godstime · May 29, 2012

    Dat’s d basic truth, @SUNDAY.

    • Sunday Erhun · May 29, 2012

      Thanks Godstime. Hope you visit this blog again!

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