Letter To My Boss, Jesus


Dear Boss,

Tomorrow marks Two Thousand, Fourteen years you came to this earth, and as your humble boy, I thought I should write you this letter.

I know you are incredibly fine. I know heaven is okay. I know. You are seated at the right hand of God. You deserve it, because you made the greatest sacrifice of all. You left your glorious kingdom for this sinful world, just because of me. You endured so much pain, so I could gain life eternal.

I didn’t give a damn about you, but still you cared a lot for me. I am least deserving of your love, but you’ve showered the most on me. I have been a bad boy, but you’ve never stopped being a good friend. Many times I wandered away like a lost sheep, but your loving hands found me.

Jesus!! I can’t help but scream your name. You are just too good. You gave your life for me, what can I give to you? You became a criminal on the cross for me, what can I become for you? Your love for me is unspeakable, can I ever love you that much?

My bestest Paddy, you too gbaski. Indescribable. Unbeatable. Indefatigable. Impeccable. Awesome. Amazing. Breathtaking. Startling. Magnificient. Awe-inspiring. Lovely. Mighty. Excellent. Wonderful. Wise. You just too good!

My One and Only, I ask that you enable me to become crazy for you. I cannot do without you. So I give myself away to you. Use me, Boss. I am yours, forever.

With your help, I will keep your word that I get to meet you in Heaven someday. I can’t wait for that hug, Best Friend!

I am for you: you are for me.

Your Boy,
Sunday Erhunmwunse


Author Interview With Emmanuel Egharevba Jnr

We are privileged to have on our blog today another amazing author.

OUR BLOG: Welcome to our blog. Can we
get to know you?

EMMANUEL: Yes. I am Emmanuel Egharevba Jnr. A student, and an author.

OUR BLOG: When did you discover you are
a writer, and how has it been?

EMMANUEL: I discovered my writing skills when I was 16. Of course it has been great and interesting all the way

OUR BLOG: Tell us about your works so
far, most especially your recent

EMMANUEL: My recent book just got published some weeks ago. The tittle of the book is #WRITTEN IN THE STARS. It is a compilation of man’s own prerogative according to the will of God concerning his PURPOSE,FUTURE AND DESTINY

OUR BLOG: What influences your style of

EMMANUEL: My style of writing is mostly influenced by my mood.This is the sole reason I can actually fit into any genre.

OUR BLOG: What trait do you think makes
you a unique writer.

EMMANUEL: Everyone has his/her own style. But I would put mine on FACTS. I say facts when it is necessary

OUR BLOG: What kind of books do you
hope to spend the rest of your
life writing?

EMMANUEL: All I do is write inspirational books. Fiction and inspirational books all the way.

OUR BLOG: Any word for would-be

EMMANUEL: Upcoming authors should take a step, turn that step to a walk and transform these walks to a journey and your works are going to be great and live out there.

Here is the link to Emmanuel’s awesome book on smashwords.
Grab one!

Author Interview With Paul Bushman

OUR BLOG: Welcome to our blog. Can we
get to know you?

PAUL: I am Paul Olufemi Ogunwuyi (pen name: Paul Bushman). I am a student of psychology in the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. Besides being a student, I am a writer.

OUR BLOG: When did you discover you are
a writer, and how has it been?

PAUL: I came to discover that I am a writer in 2012. I was alone in a room one day when suddenly, I felt a strong whim that drove me to pick up my pen and write something. My first write up was a poem. I started building myself up in poetry, story writing, quote writing, article writing and so on. I can say that right now, I keep loving to write and funnily enough, it does not get boring doing so.

OUR BLOG: Tell us about your works so
far, most especially your recent

PAUL: I have only one book published by Fountain publishers, ‘The Serpentine Route To Valentine’. The poetry anthology contains love poems that describe the rigorous road to getting true love. Before this release, I have been a member of writing boards on campus, I have submitted articles to my local church which has always been included in the church magazine and so on.

OUR BLOG: What influences your style of

PAUL: What influences my style of writing is the drive to be understood by all people; both young and old. That makes me use the simplest diction possible, the melody of rhymes and the application of the theraupetic effect of humour.

OUR BLOG: What trait do you think makes
you a unique writer.11108_613645698739235_4495386489116000827_n

PAUL: I think it is the ability for me to convey my thoughts and feelings about a subject in a very clear manner which creates imagery in their minds and hence transfers the same empathic feeling to my readers.

OUR BLOG: What kind of books do you
hope to spend the rest of your
life writing?

PAUL: The kind of books I would like to write for eternity are poetry books, comic fiction, novels and novellas and motivational write-ups.

OUR BLOG: Any word for would-be

PAUL: My word for would-be authors is make the writing muses your friend. Write everyday. Read books written by good authors. And publish your works. Expect criticisms and learn from them. That’s all you need to become an excellent writer.
Thanks for having me today on your blog, I look forward to be here any time I am needed again. Once again, I say thank you.

Below is the link to Paul’s wonderful book on Amazon Kindle Store

Do well to have a copy. Your comments are highly welcomed.


They courted for seven years. Not because they wanted to, but because there was a delay to their wedlock. After seven years, satan struck and the relationship ended.

We prayed together several times. Then God showed up, and now she is married to that same man. I have visited their home twice, and it is a wonderful family.

God will never leave you nor forsake you. Though it tarries, wait. When all alternatives are exhausted, then God will raise His mighty hand. He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Stay strong. Wait for your joy!
God bless you!

Author Interview With Dominic Awoleye

Today, we are privileged to have on our blog an amazing author of great repute with two amazing works to his credit. Join us welcome the prolific Dominic Awoleye as have a chat with him.

Welcome to our blog. Can we get to know you?

My name is Ayokunle Dominic Awoleye, I am from Ekiti state of Nigeria, I am married with Kids

When did you discover you are a writer, and how has it been?

In my JSS1 after I read some books like The adventures of Souza, The Gods are not to blame, Passport of Malamilia, Oliver Twist, Gulliver’s travels and other small stories and Drama, I somehow felt I could tell stories because the way those stories were written seemed simple to me. So I wrote my first unpublished book ‘The adventures of Bob Loco” which was like my auto biography.

Tell us about your works so far, most especially your recent book.

I have written several Poems still unpublished. I have two Dramas and a Prose yet to be published. I also have four manuscripts of books I am still writing. My recent work “Another wedding” is a sequel to “Just wedded” published on epub. I actually decided to bring out some salient issues in marriages and relationships at large so as to disabuse some mind sets with regards to how marriages should be. Marriages can never be all rosy, it is not an institution of ego brawls but that of sacrifice and understanding.

What influences your style of writing?

My environment, my social up bringing are the major factors that influence my writing

What trait do you think makes you a unique writer.

I can bring out tears from your eyes and I can make you skip meals if you read my work. I can make you laugh out loud and I can make you remorse if you read my book. I write fiction as if it is real.

What kind of books do you hope to spend the rest of your life writing?

Prose, Drama and poems. Basically literary fiction about life experiences. My book must have a lesson to teach.

Any word for would-be authors?
A would be Author should be an avid reader of other Peoples work. It helps develop one’s creativity.

Thank you so much for your time.

Below are links to Dominic’s books. Do well to have one.

1) Just Wedded
-SMASHWORDS: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/485467
-AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00OMBX1N6/
2) Another Wedding
-SMASHWORDS: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/500169
-LULU: http://www.lulu.com/shop/dominic-awoleye/another-wedding/paperback/product-21942735.html

Both books are also available on Okadabooks.com, using the okadabooks app.

Comments are highly appreciated.

Dominic Awoleye

Dominic Awoleye

An Interview With James Adigun, an author


James Adigun is a prolific Nigerian writer that has written about seven books and has three published already.

Here is a wonderful interview of him with Fountain Publishers Nigeria.

• How would you describe yourself as a writer?

James Adigun: The skill of writing had being in me from
childhood, that the wives
in my family nicknamed me ‘Akowe’, that is, the scribe.
It was not until the year 1993 that the skill got manifested by the Holy Spirit that I received that year. Since then I always have my jotter and biro with me
anywhere I may be, to write as the inspiration comes.
This way I have being able to write seven manuscripts, of which three are now published.

• What/who is your inspiration?

James Adigun: The Holy Spirit is the one that inspired me to
write. He teaches me what to write, to research, to study, and reminds me all I need to remember when writing.

• Tell us about the works that you’ve written.

James Adigun: The first book that I wrote is titled “Jesus Testimony on His Second
Coming”, published in the year 2010. My second manuscript is titled “The War of Armageddon: It’s Jesus versus Allah, published in the year 2009.
The third work is titled “The Plan of God for Nigeria”published on 18th of August 2014.
The fourth book is titled “The Devil unmasked”.
The fifth book is titled “Unfailing Reward”.
The sixth book is titled “Saudi-Arabia: Where Worshipers Go Yearly To Stone Satan”.
And my seventh manuscript is
titled “Israel, and the Church of God.”

• Tell us your most recent work and what inspired you to write it.

James Adigun: The most recent of my work is “Israel, and the
Church of God”.
The inspiration to write came by the Holy Spirit, with the desire to make known the truth.

• What memories of your childhood do you hold dear.

James Adigun: The memories of my childhood that I hold dear is
that of an event, when a man robbed me, of a sum of money given me by my mother for an errand.
Some days after the incidence, the man came to the street where I resided to purchase something, and on my seeing
him, there was a
flashback of his face in my memory, and I immediately alerted my mother, who with the help of the men around apprehended the man, and he
confessed to the charges against him. He was made to refund the money he stole from me. The adults at the event commended
me for being able to recognize the man that robbed me, and I was happy for the recovery of the stolen money.

• Is there any book you are currently working on? Tell us about it.

James Adigun: The book I am presently working on is titled,
“God, and Man”.
Everything in heaven is about God, and on earth it is about Man. Heaven is the place of the throne of God, but the earth He
has made for man.
When, why, and how did He do that, is made known is the
book that we may know
our purpose on earth ,to man, and to God.

• Why do you write?

James Adigun: The purpose of my writing is to share the truth
made known to me by
God with others, as mandated by God in His word as recorded in Habakkuk 2:2, “And the LORD answered me, and said, write
the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that read it.”

• If you have the chance to write about just one thing in life, what would that be?

James Adigun: If I have the chance to write about just one thing in life, the writing would be titled “Eternity is Real : Heaven, or Hell.”

• Do you have any favorite authors?

James Adigun: My favorite authors are the authors of the sixty-six books of the bible.

• Where and how can we get your books?

James Adigun: “The War of Armageddon: It’s Jesus versus
Allah” is available on http:// http://www.strategicbookpublishing.com/TheWaoArmageddon.html

“Jesus Testimony on His Second Coming” is available in various Bookshops ,at Ojuelegba, Lagos. at 10,Efon-Alaye Street,
Mushin, Lagos. at 61,Olorunsogo Street, Mushin, Lagos.

“The Plan of
God for Nigeria” is available on http://amazon.com/dp/B00MUXSN3Q/
.@via amazon.com

• Any word for aspiring writers?

James Adigun: For any aspiring writer to fulfill his,or her desire
to succeed, what to write about, why, and how, and who is the
book meant for, are the question to be answered, before putting pen on paper.
Diligence, devotion to work, and the purpose of your existence must be in focus.



When chips are down, and all look dark and brown
You don’t have to break down and frown
Or go rickety like a clown
Instead, look up to Him who wears the crown 

With God take a stand
His word never falls to the ground
Trust in heaven’s tableland
Faith makes you grand and a brand

Even when there’s no soup to sup
Nothing coming down from up
You need not give up
Trusting in God is ladder to the top

In days you cannot take a step or go a mile
Ensure you do not give up the smile
In days you slip on the dust or tile
Be happy, do not sigh

Better days lie ahead
It’s a surety you’re the head
This is what God has said
Be glad, don’t be a nerd

Be calm, and be still
Your storm will receive calm and still
So flow with the soothing still
Everyday, believing still

Me love you all, still!



This evening, I had an urgent business I had to attend to. So I took time off my home-vacation, and went out of the house. It’s been a while!

I entered a bus, and my eyes couldn’t help but notice the person I had to sit next to. I do not intend to judge her, but she was absolutely improperly dressed. The portion of her bosom that lay bare was much more than the portion that was covered by the revealing skimpy shirt she wore.

It was disgusting! The last I wanted to behold was a woman’s bosom! I wanted to turn to her, and talk to her about the shirt she was wearing, but I was held back by two things. First, I didn’t want to look at her for the second time. My eyes were not ready to see again. Second, I didn’t know the kind of person she was. I don’t like causing a scene.

I couldn’t wait to get to my destination, and jump off the bus. The thought of getting my private car crossed my mind, seriously. As I sat outside our home this evening, a thought came to me. Was she a prostitute or a lady? Was she putting on rags or clothes?

By the way she looked, I couldn’t help but stick with the negative adjectives. My sisters, does the way your dress portray you as a lady or a prostitute? Do you put on clothes or rags?

I’d admonish that you put on clothes that define the classic and decent lady you are, and not put on rags that will portray you as a prostitute. It’s far more better to be simply beautiful, than to be horribly sexy.


Bridle Your Tongue


As the Bible says, the tongue may be the smallest member of the body, but in it lies the power of life and death. That sounds like a cliche, but it carries great truth.

To bridle your tongue is to be mindful of what you say; ensuring that your words in no way hurt others. Your words should be full of truth, honesty and healing!

A word that won’t add value to the next person’s life should not come out of your mouth. You should not speak just to intentionally hurt the feelings of others. Your tongue should make, not mar.

Your tongue should be a positive-talker, and not a crusader of negativity and impossibilities. Your tongue should breed and give life, not death.

Henceforth, watch the words of your mouth keenly, ensuring your words are flawless in essence. As you bridle your tongue, you will emerge as an amazing person you’ve always loved to be.


Close By


When the chips are down, and the fields go brown, I reach out to my side. There you are, close by.

When my heart aches, and hot tears clog my eyes, I reach for the shoulder to lay my head. There you are, close by.

When my strength fails, and my bones go frail, I reach out for a hand to hold. There you are, close by.

When my heart is burdened, and my pain overwhelms me, I reach out for an ear to talk to. There you are, close by.

Dearest, you are the best ‘thing’ that has ever happened to me. You have always been there, never leaving me alone.

With you, I find wholeness and comfort. Incomplete I am without you. You are a blessing.

With love.

The Secret Life of a Female Porn Addict By ZsaZsa Palagyi The 700 Club

CBN.com – “It [an addiction to pornography] was an
excitement that captured me like nothing else could
capture me. When I made love to my husband for
the first time, it was that kind of excitement. But
this was even a more heightened excitement than
that because it stirred up something I didn’t know was inside of me,” says Joean Senatore. Joean was
a happily married 40-year-old mother
when she discovered a new passion —

Her cable service had just been upgraded. As Joean flipped through the new channels, she found something that both shocked and excited her. “That
was like opening up a door to hell. I opened
this door to darkness and debauchery. All of these
demons came in,” she reveals. Joean started buying porn videos at pawn shops
and went to great lengths to hide her addiction.

Every time she bought a video, she peeled off the
label and hid it under the front seat of her car. After
her family went to bed, Joean watched the video.
The next day, she put it in a brown paper bag and buried it in the trash at work. “It was a secret sin that had me, and I couldn’t
shake it loose,” she recalls. “It had me by the throat
because it had me at the very heart. It was taking
over my life, and it was snuffing out the life of Christ
in me. It choked the Word and prayer out of my life.”

Koran was a devoted Christian and often spoke to large groups about her faith, but even she wasn’t
immune to the pull of pornography. Living two lives
ultimately cost Joean her joy. “I was a hypocrite,”
she admits. “Here I was living
for Christ on one hand, and living to love these
movies, these videos, the Internet, anything that I could get my hands on. Anything that had to do with
pornography I was drawn to. How could I justify it? I
couldn’t.” Joean ended up at an adult store she had never
been to before and discovered an orgy. When
someone asked her to join in, she knew her
addiction had gone too far. “I knew at that point I
was at the lowest,” Joean
explains. “I was dying piece by piece, inch by inch. I was dying.”

In desperation Joean prayed, “God,
deliver me or
take me home because I cannot live this any more.”
Joean knew there was only one way out. “I wanted
to please my Lord,” she says. “I loved
God more than I loved the addiction, and because my love for God was so much stronger, I could
reach my hands up to my Abba Father and say,
‘Pick me up out of this situation because I love You
more. Whatever it takes, that’s what I need to do.’ ”

Joean’s first step was to share her secret with her
husband and her pastor. Both responded with love, forgiveness, and compassion. “Once I knew that the
sin was out in the open and I
was accountable, I felt better,” she says. “But it
wasn’t over.” Joean was still drawn in by the power
pornography and desperately needed a touch from God. She got it one day while watching The 700 Club.

don’t know if Gordon said my name or if God
called my name, but I heard my name,” Joean
recalls. “And he said, ‘There’s a woman out there.
Her name is Joean, and she is being delivered from
a spirit of lust.’ I said, ‘Lord, that is me, God! That word is for me.’ I felt the deliverance at that
moment, and I felt the power of God enter that
room. I felt the Holy Spirit upon me. I knew God was
delivering me at that moment. I knew it.”

Joean is completely free from pornography. She says her life has never been better. “The joy is
back, God’s
joy, the happiness that I
felt before,” she says.
“The pressure of sin is
gone and the darkness of the addiction is over. It has no negative power
over my life anymore. The sting of that memory is
gone.” And Joean gives all the credit to God. “There
was nothing in my hands I could bring. It was
only to the Cross I could cling because there was
nothing I could do in and of myself to deliver myself,”

Joean explains. “I know the power of God
to deliver, I know God is able, I know God is strong,
and I know He wants to deliver. That’s why, today, I
can sing the praises because I’ve been there. I went
through it, I struggled with it, I almost died because
of it, but now I’m free and I’m alive in Christ.”

You In The Coffin


Have you read the bestseller ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’? There is an interesting mind-activity in the book that we will enact right about now. Follow me closely, and you’d be glad that you did it at the end.

Let’s begin!

Imagine yourself on a clean black suit with a dark pair of glasses to match. You walk gently into a funeral service with a well-polished coffin at the front.

As you walk towards the coffin, you walk pass your family members, your closest friends, your colleagues, your neighbors and church members. Tears fill their eyes, with their handkerchief soaked in sears.

You walk close to the open coffin, and look inside. Then you see yourself inside the coffin, cold and dead. Then you look at the mourning crowd, and you look back inside the coffin beholding yourself.

Now still close to the casket, answer the following questions:

-What would you want your family members to honestly say about the you in the coffin?

-What would you want your colleagues to sat about the you in the coffin?

-What would you want your friends to say about the you in the coffin?

-What would you want your neighbors to say about the you in the coffin?

Now, you will likely find out that things like being the richest man in the world, having thousand of class or visiting thousand of locations did not show up in the things you would want people to say about you in the coffin.

The things you wish they would say about you in the coffin are the things you should spend your life pursuing. That is the true life.

God bless!

Too Much Noise; Stay Away


There is too much noise in our world. There is noise everywhere you turn to. The noise is so overwhelming that you cannot even think straight.

There is noise that come from the inside. Bothering on what to eat; how to close a deal; how to build a house; how to read for an exam; how to meet a target, etc are all noises that can make a person lame.

There is also a noise that comes from the outside. The sickening bad news on the TV; the horning of the bus drivers; the commotion at the bus park; the music from the record stores; the gossip of neighbors; the threats of the lecturers; the nagging of the boss, etc are all noises that can make a person dumb.

The best and wisest thing to do in this unending stream of noise is to STAY AWAY. Just like Jesus always did, it is important that we take out time to stay away.

Just go faraway to a quiet place, faraway from the noise. In the quiet place, silent all your thoughts, and just be quiet. Do not think of anything! Relax, and just enjoy freedom as though nothing else is happening. Just be free and quiet in a faraway quiet place.

In this state, you will always get your mind positioned to receive great ideas that will make you a wonder. In this state, you will receive so great a peace and calm to face your world. Stay away!

God bless you!

How Can I Tell If I Am Addicted To Porn Or Sex?

If there’s one lesson boys learn when growing up, it’s the value of being tough, the value of winning. The heroes of the big screen portray the ideal man
as rough and rugged. James Bond never gives up.

Neither did the characters played by John Wayne.
And Rocky always won the big fight – or if he didn’t
win, he at least “goes the distance.” Those guys never gave up. And we don’t want to give up either. That resistance to raising
the white flag serves men
well during war or in a job situation that requires
perseverance. It can help us hang in there when
times are tough in a relationship.

But when it comes
to compulsive behavior, a refusal to give up only prolongs our agony. It leads to greater enslavement and harm. Of course,
most of us won’t surrender until we know
we’re beaten or we know defeat is on the way.
Maybe you’re not convinced you even have a
problem, or if you are, you’re not sure how serious it

 [Addictive Stages | Moment of truth] How to Know If You’re Hooked
 It’s important to understand that sexual
addictions don’t happen overnight. They take time to develop. But when they’re full-blown, a man won’t be able to resist the repeated urge to enter into a love relationship with a sexual object or experience that gives him pleasure and the illusion of intimacy. That last sentence defines an addict: 
1. He’s hooked and can’t say no. 
2. The object of his addiction gives him two things: pleasure and an illusion of intimacy. 

Not everyone who struggles with
sexual compulsions is an addict. Some men abuse their
sexuality for a period of time and then grow out of it. Many men with a regrettable sexual experience in the past put it behind them and move on. But not everyone is so fortunate.

Some men block emotional pain with sexual pleasure. Over time they have to try increasingly risky forms of sexual behavior in order to deaden the pain. Eventually their world revolves around sex. Their obsession
has taken over their life.

 The Sexual Addiction Test:        Patrick Carnes suggests a
series of four questions
aimed at helping us discover if we have a sexual
addiction and if so, how far it’s progressed.
[1] While asking yourself these
questions, it’s crucial that you are brutally honest. The first step in dealing with a
problem is admitting we have one. 
ONE – Is Your Behavior Secret? Are you
doing things you refuse to tell others about?
Do you feel that if those closest to you knew what
you were doing, they would reject you or strongly
disapprove of your actions? Are you telling lies to cover your behavior? If so, you’re isolating yourself
from those you love and entering into a potentially addictive relationship with
an object or event. 

TWO – Is Your Behavior Abusive? Does your sexual
behavior create pain (emotional or
physical) for you or others? Is it degrading or
exploitative of others? Do you find yourself performing increasingly abusive acts? Do you derive
pleasure from watching others being abused in
some way? 

THREE – Is Your Behavior Used to Deaden
Painful Feelings? Are your sexual actions an effort to change your
mood rather than express affections? Do you
masturbate or search for some other sexual outlet when you’re depressed, bored, or angry? If your
sexual behavior is used to erase pain, it’s part of an
addictive process. 

FOUR – Is Your Behavior Empty of Genuine
Commitment and Caring? Are you substituting the illusion of intimacy provided
by an object or event for the genuine intimacy found
in a healthy relationship? If you answered yes to even one of the four questions, your sexual behavior is either compulsive
or addictive. Addictive Stages While the four questions help determine if we have a
problem, they don’t tell us the extent of the problem.
In order to determine that, we need to familiarize
ourselves with the levels of addictions.

[2] Pre-addiction 
Pre-addiction describes people who begin to find
themselves sexually stimulated through impersonal
objects, like pornography, or events, like strip clubs. If you’re at this level, your life is probably under control. You’re holding down a job, and your
relationship with your wife or girlfriend is intact. However, you realize that while your fascination with
pornography, strip shows, or erotic talk lines isn’t
compulsive, it is dangerous. You may be troubled by the feeling that your
slumbering lust could
awaken and take over at any moment. 

Level 1 
At level 1 a man’s lust has
begun to exert its control. He’s compulsively involved in such things as masturbation, pornography, homosexuality, or
demeaning heterosexual relationships. When a man reaches level 1, something significant has happened. While before he always struggled to
keep his lust under control, now it’s running wild. In his book The Addictive Personality, Craig Nakken notes that the single most
important aspect of level
1 addictions is the emergence of the addictive

[3] A man’s lust, like a great dragon, has awakened from its
slumber and threatens to take
over his life. I experienced this the night I looked through my neighbor’s window. It reminded me of the first time I
got high on marijuana. I entered a new world and
wanted to return to that world. There’s something
about that first high that people want to recreate.
Similarly, a man who enters level 1 awakens his lust in a powerful way. And
that initial experience is one he wants to recreate. When we enter level 1, the
addictive part of our personality has been stirred.
And make no mistake about it, the beast has an
insatiable appetite that can slowly take over our life. 

Level 2 
When a man reaches level 2, he’s taken a bigger and more dangerous step. Now his behavior involves victims and violations of the law. His activities include prostitution, exhibitionism,
voyeurism, obscene phone calls, and touching a person intimately without consent. Most of the time he’s considered more of a
nuisance than a criminal,
but unfortunately his behavior can inflict deep emotional pain on his victims. Men who are exhibitionists or voyeurs will carry out their secret behavior for years. Living double lives,
they’re in constant fear of being caught. All kinds of “good” people reach level

2. Hardly a
week passes without a news story about a politician, teacher, or Hollywood star picking up a
prostitute or making an unwanted sexual advance. Level 3 By the time a man
reaches level 3, his behavior
involves serious crimes in which severe damage is
done to the victim. Rape, incest, and child
molestation occur at this level. 

The Moment of Truth 

By now you should know if
you’re hooked. You should
also have a feel for how
far your sexual compulsion
has progressed. While
most of us would prefer avoiding the truth for as long as we can, eventually the moment of truth will arrive. Something will happen to force you to admit
that your life is out of control. You’ll accidentally leave a pornographic image
onyour computer monitor, and someone at work will
report it to your boss. One of your kids will find your stash of X-rated videos. A policeman will arrive at your place of work
because a neighbor has identified you as a
Peeping Tom. 

Your wife will leave because you’ve had another
affair. The school counselor will call because you’ve
been reported to the child care agency for
improperly touching a neighbor child. For Samson, the moment of truth arrived near the end of his life. Blinded by lust, he slept in Delilah’s lap while a
Philistine barber cut his hair. A moment after the last strand fell, his enemies burst into his
presence. Isolated from God, he was powerless toresist. Israel’s champion became a bald-headed clown who entertained the
Philistines. Samson had fallen. He would never gaze at another Philistine woman. His enemies had made sure of
that when they gouged out his eyes (Judges 16:20-21). 

Many people believe
that Samson’s story ends on a
tragic note. I don’t. Although he was blind and imprisoned, his hair began to grow, and so did his
relationship with God. The Lord forgave Samson and used him one last time. The hero of Judah pulled down a Philistine temple, destroying himself and his enemies. Samson learned
firsthand what every man must
know. God is the God of a second and third and
fourth chance. He never gives up on us.

Bill Perkins